Spencer Tunick Will Float Clothed at the Dead Sea

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He asks hundreds of thousands of people around the world to strip for his cause, but when naked activist photographer Spencer Tunick returns to Israel to help “save the Dead Sea” he’ll be floating clothed. The award-winning photographer from the US travels the world, and asks volunteers to strip as naked subjects in his art happenings which he photographs. He was in Israel last fall to take pictures of nudes floating in the Dead Sea, in the hopes to draw more attention to this natural wonder that is flailing due to human intervention.

According to a new Facebook group that just popped up there will be a new chance to float as a means to raise awareness to an ailing Dead Sea. Spencer Tunick will be returning to Israel this fall to float with the masses as Tafline reports. But he won’t go nude. 

naked nudes dead sea israel spencer tunick photo

The Facebook Group advertises:

Join Spencer Tunick as he returns to the Dead Sea in support of freedom of expression for the arts. We continue to raise local and international awareness for our disappearing natural wonder.

Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Spencer Tunick Installation with a massive float in the Dead Sea.

Last year’s event raised additional awareness for the troubling conditions facing this magical body of water. Momentum is building: the public is concerned, Knesset Members are listening…we need to continue! This is our body of water, our treasure…we do not want to see it neglected! Let’s all join together before the Jewish New Year – 14 September.

To learn more about the historic Spencer Tunick Dead Sea Installation visit: www.nakedsea.info

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