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perfume bottles, glass, middle east scents, ayala morAyala Moriel has captured and bottled natural Middle East smells and made them into natural perfumes.

With captivating names, perfumer Ayala Mor from Canada has distilled the best scents of the Middle East and has turned them into bottles of perfume. From Israel, her scents are reminiscent of her roots: the Old City in Jerusalem, Israel in spring, Arab coffee in winter, and a walk through the Yemen Spice Market in the Carmel Market anytime.

I’ve bought samples of her perfumes and they transport me to the Middle East and my favorite places every time I wear them.

Having travelled throughout the Middle East her scents do capture the time and place, as one smells their way through markets.

For a moment Moriel has bottled those old world smells travellers and spice route traders probably met along the way. Find the smells of etrog, finjan-brewed coffee, cardamon. Wearing these smells keeps you travelling even when far from the East.

citron etrog

Here is a citron or etrog from the Hebrew holiday of Succoth

I wish I could add a scratch and sniff window to this blog to share with you the eight tester bottles that Moriel sent in the mail. Normally I am not a perfume wearer, and dislike the smells of people who wear commercial scents. But these are different.

Natural in their origin and true to their name, Moriel’s scents are gentle, leaving just a trace an hour after application.

While some people might want their perfume to last a day, I like the idea of leaving the house with a scent, having it drift away with me as I go on with my day. You can carry a little bottle in your bag for a top off later. This could be handy for people who do not wear deodorant and who find themselves in sticky situations.

Perfumer, Time Traveller, Olfactory Story-Teller, Anthophile, Incensor, Teaist, Alchemist. Lead by the nose since 2001. That is how she describes herself.

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