A Gold Porsche 997 GT2 – The Latest in Ungreen Super Luxury

gold porscheHigh performance and gold plated to boot: a Porsche 997 GT2 on sale in Dubai. Photo: GT Spirit.com

We’ve  written lots about super luxury cars in the Gulf region on Green Prophet. While one of them, a white gold Mercedes sports coup was touted to be able to run on bio-fuel; others like a gold trimmed armored plated Rolls Royce is strictly designed to enable its owner to ride in protected style. For those who are bored with such cars and wish for super luxury versions of high performance sports cars will now be happy to hear that also in that part of the Middle East is none other than a gold version of a gold  Porsche 997 GT2 twin turbo that was advertised for sale in the glitzy city of Dubai.

rear view gold porscheRear view of gold Porsche 997GT2

The Porsche 997 is actually an internal model designation for high performance versions of the company’s long time flag ship model, the 911 sports coup. The 997 puts out 523 HP from its 3.6 litre six cylinder twin turbo engine. While such an engine is definitely un-green, it is still considered to be more fuel efficient than former models that contained even larger and more fuel wasting engines.

But like other mentioned super luxury car models, owners of such cars have not exactly been interested in how environmentally-friendly their cars are. These models are strictly for show; as in the case of one Porsche owner in Dubai who also had a pet cheetah which he walked on a leash.  That kind of display has also drawn adverse comments from animal rights activists, as well as environmentalists.

Who knows –  Maybe this Porsche and cheetah owner is also the owner of the gold 997 GT2 model. In any case, those who have wealth in these countries might want to consider using some of their money, especially that gained from production of fossil fuels, towards helping the environment; including the “human environment” of those a lot less fortunate.

Photos via GT Spirit

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