Turkey’s First Green Lifestyle Website Yeşilist, Now Bilingual

Yeşilist  turkey green websiteLiving in Turkey and curious about where to find your nearest organic market? How to recycle? Where to take yoga classes? Yeşilist offers Turks tips on greener choices in areas ranging from Home & Garden to Ecotourism, Fashion & Textile to Nutrition.

Environmentally conscious Turks are a frustrated lot. Their country is developing along the route of traditional industrialization, with little regard for local livelihoods or human health, and the government is encouraging investment in dirty energy far more than Turkey’s abundant renewable resources.Though it can’t solve these larger problems, the website Yeşilist is Turkey’s first online guide to greener, more sustainable choices at the consumer level.

Turkey’s Green Roots

Yeşilist (“yeşil” means “green” in Turkish) is the brainchild of Ergem and Georgie, two women living in Turkey who often had trouble finding information about eco-friendly products and services in available to them in the country.

The site now features an information directory about sixteen different subjects on which people might seek green guidance. Users can search by neighborhood or by category, such as businesses that deliver. A news feed keeps the site up to date with the release of new environmentally friendly products and businesses.

Georgie is also a representative of Al Gore’s Climate Project in Turkey, the effort to train presenters in how to effectively educate large audiences around the world about climate change.

Turkey’s Green Reach

The site is now available in English as well as Turkish, making it available to Turkey’s large expatriate population. The English site also links to several blogs that will be of interest to the environmentally-minded out there.

Even if you’re not a resident of Turkey, the site is worth a visit. How else will you learn about Turkish advents such as Nature’s Baby Organics, the Topkapi Yarn Industry, or Turkey’s only Permaculture Research Institute? Browse around for a few minutes — you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

:: Yesilist

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