Grow 7 Healing Herbs At Home


You can grow a living medicine chest in your garden with little effort. The old song says, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Let’s add echinacea, garlic and basil. Most are culinary herbs with poetic histories. All are green medicines that you can harvest at will. The herbs don’t take up much space, if not much […]

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The Passing Of A Green Muslim – Ayman Ahwal


We celebrate the Muslim environmental campaigner and green activist Ayman Ahwal (right) who passed away last week I think it’s fair to say that Ayman Ahwal was not your average Muslim. A British Muslim convert, he worked tirelessly to support tree-planting projects in Indonesia, campaign for clean streets in his hometown of Birmingham in the […]

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Eco-Massage Oil Is ‘Trust in a Bottle’


A grape seed, avocado and apricot kernel massage oil is great for eco-intimacy. Recently, the developer of an environmentally friendly, vegan and kosher natural oil for massage and intimacy contacted your Green Love editor with a delightful request. Review their product – TRUST – for the eco-conscious audience in the Middle East.  Being ardent advocates […]

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How Green Is A Quick Wee In Public?


How far are you willing to go to maintain anti-public peeing social conventions? This is a question that plagues me at night, when I’m camping, and the bathroom is on the other end of the campground. On the one hand, watering a bush seems better than flushing a toilet, but sends untreated pollutants, which will […]

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Gaza’s Green Roofs of Herbs and Vegetables


In over-crowded Gaza, the locals have taken to growing crops on their flat roofs As the most densely populated area in the entire world, the Gaza Strip is understandably short of space. People live in overcrowded concrete homes separated by narrow alleyways and agricultural land is in short supply considering there is a need for […]

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“The Moneyless Man” Talks to The Green Prophet About The Middle East


Mark Boyle, otherwise known as the “moneyless man,” says that the Middle East’s emphasis on caring and sharing should make adopting a “freeconomic” lifestyle easier than in the West. Frustrated and worried about the state of our environment, we chomp at the bits and engage in frothy conversations about irresponsible citizens and politicians, but few […]

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Kibbutznik Sues Israel’s Health Ministry For Right To Open Public Ecological Pool


Alice Miller claims that by denying the right to open a public ecological pool, Israel’s Health Ministry is also preventing a way of life. In Israel, where language and tradition are deeply rooted to nature, the shift away from the materialistic status quo is spreading. Several kibbutzim around the country are demonstrating that with a […]

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