Tracking the Impacts of a Hydroelectric Dam Along the Tigris River


Upstream hydroelectric dams have already inhibited the recovery of Iraq’s legendary Mesopotamian Marshes. A massive dam currently under construction in Turkey may wipe them out completely. For the next two months, I’ll be taking a break from my usual Green Prophet posts to report on a transnational environmental issue: the Ilısu Dam currently under construction […]

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Turkey Plans to Introduce Emissions-Based Tax on Motor Vehicles


There are currently 1.6 million automobiles on Istanbul’s roads, according to Embarq Türkiye — and each day, 640 more are registered. Following British and German models, the Turkish Finance Ministry has begun designing a new scheme for taxes on motor vehicles and their purchase, reports Turkish paper Hürriyet Daily News. Under the plan, the taxes will […]

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Turks Ask Their Leaders to Say “No to Nuclear”


Two years after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan, the Turkish government is moving ahead with nuclear power despite public opposition. Hundreds of Turkish activists formed a human chain across a bridge over Istanbul’s Golden Horn on March 10, the day before the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the world’s second […]

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Turkey’s “Nature Law” Will Cause More Environmental Degradation, Activists Warn


“Polluting nature is your problem, your law is a lie” and “Withdraw the Nature Law” read signs from protests last weekend in Ankara. On Sunday, Turkey’s Green and Future Left parties organized small but loud protests in six cities around Turkey to oppose the country’s new Protection of Nature and Biological Diversity Law. The draft […]

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Istanbul Municipality Forces Neighborhood To Make Way For Planned Gentrification


Until a recent urban renewal project that forced most residents out, the neighborhood of Tarlabaşı was home to a diverse array of Istanbul’s minority populations. In the early 20th century, Tarlabaşı’s winding streets and colorful buildings were home to many of the city’s Greek residents. After violence against the Greek population their mass emigration from […]

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Istanbul’s Natural Oases: The Atatürk Arboretum and Belgrade Forest


A natural retreat from the traffic and crowds of Istanbul, the 296-hectare Atatürk Arboretum, above, receives few visitors. But it contains more than 2,000 foreign and native plant species, including some species that can’t be found anywhere else in Turkey. Situated within the city’s Belgrade Forest, the arboretum is a research site for Turkish and foreign scientists, […]

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Turkey’s “Mrs. Energy” Campaign Should Lose Gender Roles, Columnist Says


“Empty your vacuum bag often” urges Mrs. Energy (“Energy Hanım”) in this advertisement. An energy conservation campaign recently launched by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies has already aroused ire among female commentators in the country. The plump poster-wife for the campaign always appears in domestic […]

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Iraqi Kurdistan Starts Independent Crude Oil Sales, Defying Baghdad


Turkey has been importing condensate from the Khor Mor gas field in Iraqi Kurdistan since October, with daily shipments now reaching 15,000 barrels. Until recently, bowing to the Iraqi central government’s claim that it controls all oil within the country, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) only exported oil through a pipeline controlled by Baghdad. But […]

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Coal-Fired Stoves Cause Hundreds of Carbon Monoxide Deaths in Turkey


A family was found dead on Thursday in Istanbul, reports Turkish daily Today’s Zaman, after carbon monoxide fumes from their coal-fired heating stove leaked out and poisoned them. Since 2002, carbon monoxide poisoning has claimed approximately 350 lives in Turkey, according to Turkish Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin. In the southern province of Gaziantep alone, 2,771 residents […]

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Greenpeace Blasts Turkish Nuclear Energy Institute Over Negligence


As Turkey moves to build its first nuclear power plant, there are troubling signs that the country’s nuclear energy institute is not monitoring nuclear hazards carefully. An abandoned lead factory yard used as a playground by local children in Turkey’s western İzmir Province contains high levels of radiation, according to Greenpeace Turkey, yet the Turkish Nuclear […]

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Turkey Wins “Fossil of the Day” Award At Doha Climate Change Negotiations


With the world’s fourth largest number of planned coal-fired power plants, Turkey is flouting international concern about climate change. As the United Nation’s climate change talks in Doha enter their second day, Turkey has been called out on its irresponsible climate policies with the “Fossil of the Day” award. Although Turkey has kept a low […]

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Hydroelectric Dam Threatens “Ecological Massacre” in Turkey


The Aras River basin is home to more than half of Turkey’s bird species, but a planned hydroelectric dam would alter the river’s marshy ecosystem, driving away the birds. That’s the fear of Çağan Şekercioğlu, president and founder of Turkey’s KuzeyDoğa wildlife preservation NGO. Green Prophet has written about Şekercioğlu’s groundbreaking research, teaching, and conservation work before. Now, […]

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Turkey Closes New Onshore Oil Well Near Cypriot Village After Water Turns Black


Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz walks to the podium to speak during a ceremony marking the start of exploratory oil and gas drilling by Turkey in the breakaway Turkish Cypriot northern half of Cyprus, near Singrasi village, in April. Turkey’s onshore wells near Singrasi came as hostilities ratcheted up between Turkey and the Cyprus Republic […]

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Turkish Seed Developer Helps European Farmers Adjust To Warming Temperatures


ProGen, a Turkish seed developer and supplier, has specialized in crop varieties that can withstand the hot Mediterranean climate. As climate conditions in European countries increasingly resemble those of their southern neighbors, European farmers are seeking new strains of staple crops that can adjust to the new climate. A pan-European research project, EASTBRED, brought European […]

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Turkey’s Wheat Exports Decline Due To Climate Change, Says Industry Official


Turkey’s total wheat production declined 14 percent in 2012 from the year before. Climate change has caused a steady decline in Turkey’s wheat production since 2010, according to Hakan Esen, a representative of the Central Anatolian Exporters’ Association (OAIB). Speaking to reporters in Jakarta, Esen announced that Turkey’s what flour exports to Indonesia would fall […]

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Polluting Paradise Documentary Follows Turkish Village’s Battle Against Invading Garbage


Polluting Paradise, the latest film by Turkish-German director Fatih Akin, documents the disgusting damage caused by a garbage dump near the Black Sea village of Çamburnu. Ten years ago, Turkish government authorities decided to transform an abandoned copper mine in northeastern Turkey into the biggest landfill in the eastern Black Sea region. Despite promises that the waste […]

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