Saudi Arabian Sheikh Claims That Use of Ethanol Fuel May Breach Islamic Law

ethanol green fuelThere is a lot of debate around the use of ethanol and other plant-based fuels.  Many claim that the energy required to produce ethanol (including fertilizers, farm equipment, transformation from plant materials, and transportation) just doesn’t sufficiently counteract all the environmental damage caused by the fossil fuels that is replaces.

So as if the discussion weren’t heated enough… Saudi Arabian scholar (and member of the Saudi Islami Jurisprudence Academy), Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najimi, warned Saudi Arabian students leaving the country for study abroad programs not to use ethanol or other fuels containing alcohol in their cars.  Why?  Because it could be a sin.

The sheikh explained that his statement shouldn’t be considered an official fatwa, but was instead his own personal opinion.  And his opinion was based on a saying by the prophet that all kinds of dealings with alcohol – including buying, selling, carrying, serving, drinking, and manufacturing – were prohibited.

The sheikh called for the issue of biofuel usage by Muslims to be discussed more widely by Islamic leaders.

In the event that the sheikh’s opinion were made into law, though, it might pose a problem for some Muslim countries and companies that are beginning to support biofuels.  This includes Masdar, the renewable energy investment arm of Abu Dhabi’s government.

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10 thoughts on “Saudi Arabian Sheikh Claims That Use of Ethanol Fuel May Breach Islamic Law”

  1. Mark says:

    For a real eye opener, watch this short ethanol myth busting interview from WEAU 13 TV News.Wisconsin's WEAU 13 TV News (9:30)

  2. J. C. says:

    Of course a Saudi sheikh would say that. Use of ethanol lessons the dependence on Saudi oil!

  3. J. C. says:

    This should be made an official fatwa. Then the fanatical Muslim terrorists won’t be able to travel by car in the U.S. since all gasoline now contains up to 10% ethanol.

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    Please help them to eliminate increases gasoline prices while halting pollution destroys the ozone layer, and curb abuses of power by those who control the energy on the planet.


  5. Stu says:

    Good old Scholar, Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najimi – considering the fact that ethanol alcohol hand cleansers are already in use all over Saudi Arabia in Hospital to kill bacteria, i’d say he’s a little out of touch with reality !

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  8. David says:

    Since not much corn or sugar cane is grown in Saudi Arabia, but plenty of oil is still being pumped out of the grownd, no wonder the good Sheikh considers ethanol and other biofuels against Islamic Law. Oil wealth is what keeps the Kingdom going.

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