America Solar Power Assoc: We’ll be 30% Solar in 20 Years

solar panels mirror arraySolar energy is predicted to be important energy source in USA by 2031

The just completed Solar Power International Conference and Exhibition in Dallas Texas painted a bright future for the use of solar energy in the USA, according to Julia Hamm, President and CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA). Hamm, who addressed the conference a few days ago, predicted that solar energy will become an important of the US utility system during the next 20 years and result of less reliance on fossil fuels. Some of her predictions include a national clean energy policy by 2013 and the majority of cars in America running on electricity by 2022. She also predicted that solar energy will be the largest job creator by 2026 and that at least 30% of the nation’s utilities will run on solar energy by 2031. Is she dreaming or could this really happen? If it does, this means opportunities for Middle East companies and innovators.

solar panel mirrorMore effort needed to make solar mirrors and arrays friendlier to wildlife

Weaning America from dependence on fossil fuels as well as creating jobs are two important issues for development of solar energy, despite some criticism about the “down side” of solar energy due to solar energy array projects creating potential harm to animals in areas designated as nature reserves.

Ideas footed at the conference to help promote the use of solar energy include increasing the price for using fossil fuel generated energy (through government levies and taxes) and creating a national energy policy that will have guidelines pertaining to use of renewable energy in regards to energy investment decisions.

Despite reservations toward wildlife being harmed by large solar array farms, the benefits of solar energy appear to far outweigh any potential harm. The Middle East, one of driest regions in the world, has an abundance of sunshine, which could result in this region benefiting from innovations in solar energy technology, including modular blocks solar energy projects now underway in locations like Arizona, which also has an abundance of annual sunlight.

Regime changes occurring in the Middle East as a result of the “Arab Spring” uprisings may also result in opportunities for more attention towards solar energy projects; especially as fossil fuels become scarcer and more expensive.

The final outcome regarding solar energy could result in more countries following America’s lead, if the world’s highest user of fossil fuels becomes the highest developer of solar energy. If this happens, many other countries, including those in the Middle East, are sure to follow.

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3 thoughts on “America Solar Power Assoc: We’ll be 30% Solar in 20 Years”

  1. Julia Hamm says:

    Thank you for posting something about my speech at Solar Power International. To clarify, the timeline I presented was not intended to “predict” anything. In fact, I believe it would be naive to believe that the U.S. government will enact federal energy policy by 2013. The intention of my speech was to be visionary – to lay out a set of hypothetical circumstances by which it would be plausible for an average utility to get 30% of its energy from solar energy by 2031. I do believe that reaching this target is possible, but do not believe that the milestones on my fictitious timeline are the ones that in reality will come to fruition.

  2. Larry says:

    Yes, Texas is a good location for solar energy and it’s good this conference was held in Dallas where people’s electric bills soar thru the roof during the hot summer months. More people need to install solar panels on their roof tops; and this goes for businesses too – especially shopping malls.

  3. Solar Power says:

    You have brought up very fantastic points, thank you for the post.

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