8 Israeli Companies Win Global Cleantech Award for 2011

Israeli clean tech innovators comprise 8 percent of the world’s best clean tech companies according to this 2011 award.

It’s the third year running that the Cleantech Group has put together its Global Cleantech 100. Last year, 7 Israeli companies were on the list. This year we see some repeats, with 8 on the list if you include BrightSource, Greenroad Technologies and Better Place –– both founded by Israelis but with operations in the USA. I have interviewed them all in the past.

The Israelis winners are:
Better Place
GreenRoad Technologies
Tigo Energy

Company of the year was awarded in each of three regions to the highest-ranked company with no negative votes from the expert panel. In the Europe/Israel region TaKaDu, an SaaS water monitoring solution for utilities, won the prize. A couple more Israeli companies got accolades: BrightSource Energy, developer of solar thermal power systems, won the Continued Excellence award, given to the highest-ranked of companies that have made it onto the Global Cleantech 100 list for all three consecutive years.

Emefcy, a wastewater treatment company, won the award for Early Stage Company of the Year, given to the highest-ranked pre-revenue company.

There are no other companies from the Middle East region on the list. Nor are there companies with Middle East or Arab roots that Green Prophet is aware to. Drop me a line if you know otherwise. I am always keen to report on local initiatives.

Click here for report (PDF) —> cleantech-100

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