SolarEdge Does Dallas

solaredgeIsrael’s SolarEdge is making solar energy most cost-effective

SolarEdge Technologies Inc, whose patented Solar Power Harvesting and Optimization System is beginning to receive good reviews, will be exhibiting their products at the upcoming Solar Power International Trade Show in Dallas Texas.The Israel based solar energy company, with offices in the USA, Europe and Japan will have a booth at what is billed as North America’s largest, most comprehensive solar power trade show and conference that will run from October 17 -20 in the giant  Dallas Convention Center.

Israel is well known for advances in various forms of technology dealing with harnessing the sun’s power to create electricity as well as heating water of which Israel is a pioneer .

solaredgeSolarEdge headquarters

SolarEdge was mentioned in a previous Green Prophet article after it  teamed up with Flextronics to produce systems for  improving the quality of photovoltaic solar panels.

The exhibition in Dallas, at which 24,000 visitors from 128 countries are expected to visit 1,200 exhibits, will display the most recent advances in solar energy using both photovoltaic solar panels as well as those using specially designed solar mirrors to direct the sun’s rays towards a central energy “collector” to create energy to operate thermal turbines.

SolarEdge’s unique Power Optimizers automatically maintain a fixed string voltage, allowing optimal efficiency of the SolarEdge inverter and giving installers greater flexibility to design optimal PV systems. In addition, the power optimizers also monitor the performance of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring porta.

Solar energy projects in the USA have had their share of controversies. The Solar Power International exhibition follows the bankruptcy of the California based Solyndra solar energy company in August, laying off more than 1,100 workers. There have also been a number of problems for other solar energy companies, including the Israel-American partnership company Brightsource, which had been accused of trying to build its solar energy array farms on wildlife reserves and sacred Native American burial grounds.

As for Israel,  a leading wildlife protection authority, the Nature and Parks Authority, made a study in which they found that large solar mirror plants are dangerous for area wildlife .

The answer to building solar energy systems that work, and are environmentally friendly, may lie with companies like SolarEdge which specialize in building small and efficient solar energy systems that are not harmful to wildlife. That’s what SolarEdge with its power optimizers is banking on, and hopes to prove to visitors to its booth at the three-day conference in Dallas.

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