Invitation for a Permaculture Tour in Israel

"permaculture farm israel"See how permaculture is spreading across Israel during an international tour at the end of September.

Permaculture, or the sustainable use of land and agriculture, has thankfully been spreading across the Middle East in recent years.  Permaculture farms have sprouted seeds in Palestine, grassroots permaculture initiatives have popped up in urban settings such as Jerusalem, and permaculture courses are taught in the area as well.  Apparently, permaculture is gaining force, and people are taking notice.  In order to make it easier for both the Israeli and the international community to know what’s going on permaculture-wise in Israel, an International Permaculture Tour has been organized between September 26-October 2, 2011.

The tour follows a series of permaculture events in the region, and will be soon after the 10th International Permaculture Conference in Jordan (September 16-24) and the Permaculture Tour of Palestine (September 25-26).

If it seems strange to you that there would be so many permaculture events in the Middle East at one time, then take notice: something is going on.  According to Noa Peled, one of the organizers of the International Permaculture Tour of Israel, “over the last months we have been witnessing a large awakening amongst the public in Israel and in the Arab countries around it.  People are out there in the streets, determined to create a new and better reality.”

The tour will focus on visiting various permaculture communities, projects, ecological farms and experts all over Israel, and will be lead in English.  Some of the highlights of the trip will include meeting:

  • Jews and Arabs cooperating in growing and distributing local food, using both traditional and modern methods
  • Ethiopian immigrants creating neighborhood projects
  • Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian students who learn and work together
  • New permaculture communities thriving within old kibbutz systems

For more information about the tour visit the International Permaculture Tour in Israel website.

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