Origin Oils Algae Should Inspire More Mid East Biofuels

algae biofuelAlgae based bio-fuel may someday be an important fuel source

Los Angeles based Origin Oil has recently announced its intention to up-list its stock exchange shares as a result of the development of a new large scale oil extraction from algae process that could result in the process of up to 1100 liters (300 gallons) per minute of algae culture continuously. This biomass culture can be used to process bio fuel for cars and other vehicles. Converting algae into bio fuel has been written about on previous occasions for Green Prophet: Israel and China are planning to work together on a joint bio fuel project.  An Israeli Isaac Berzin brought the idea back to life while working for NASA. Another article reported that  algae based bio-fuels may even one day send astronauts into space. algae biofuel

An alge biofuel farm up close

The California company wrote in a recent press release that their affiliate, Solazyne, recently raised more than $200 million in a recent IPO offering to fund its own activities;  resulting in other companies, including Origin Oil, being more optimistic about the commercialization of creating bio fuel energy from algae.

The new oil extraction from algae process is now in operation in Queensland Australia.

Developing biofuel from algae is now being worked on in many parts of the world; even in Iran where researchers connected with Shiraz University were able to create bio fuel from algae being grown in a salt lake in the country. Though when we sent them an email asking about their operations, there was no reply.

Providing the growing of large amounts of algae to make bio fuel does not interfere with other life forms, or cause additional environmental problems, there shouldn’t be any reason why algae shouldn’t be used to produce suitable bio fuels that one day might be used for commercial airliners, as well as for sending astronauts into space.

As was stated by Origin Oil’s Senior Vice President of  Technology: “We occupy a unique position in the fast-growing algae industry and our move to a national exchange will help facilitate our delivery of systems and proprietary technology to key customers.”

Although finding large quantities of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean off Israel’s coastline (and possible along the entire Levant basin) makes some people question any country’s investment into using algae to create biomass for use as fuel, researchers into algae for use as fuel could simply add another fuel option that could be as good or even better than natural gas.

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