Algae Into Biofuel a "Greener" Story In $10 Million Joint Israeli and Chinese Project

A Seambiotic algae farmA Seambiotic algae farm grows biofuel

Seambiotic’s been teaming up with NASA to to create a biofuel suitable for sending astronauts into space (?), and now this company is once again making news in a new venture with the China Goudian utility company to grow micro algae for use as a biodiesel fuel to power electrical power stations all over China.

Founded in 2003, Seambiotic develops and produces marine microalgae for the nutraceuticals and biofuel industries by using flue gas from electric power plants.

Seambiotic’s success in utilizing an organic substance that is found in abundance in the world’s oceans and in fresh water sources as well, may one day solve much of the world’s energy needs as well as provide food products for the earth’s continuing increasing population.

The new venture with one of China’s largest utility companies, which operates more than 100 power stations, will build its first commercial farm on 12 hectares (30 acres) in Penglai, a city in Shandong Province.

The $10 million farm will utilize carbon dioxide being expelled from the power station in Penglai. It is expected to be operational some time in 2010.  On Seambiotic’s website, the growth of microalgae requires an abundance of solar radiation in a wide range of temperatures. The algae is best grown in shallow ponds where both light and temperature play a part in the algae’s growth, they say, which is then “fed” by an abundance of carbon dioxide. In this case, by using the flue gases from coal-burning power stations, which are abundant in China.

By utilizing the carbon dioxide that otherwise would escape into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming, these “greenhouse gases” are channeled into the algae cultivation ponds to stimulate algae growth.

Algae as both a food source and as a bio fuel has been the subject of many projects all over the world, utilizing one of the earth’s most abundant plants that has been  supplying much of our oxygen as well as being food for marine life as part of their food chain.

Being able to utilize this natural wonder product to provide food products for both animals and human beings, as well as an environmentally cleaner bio fuel, may one day reduce or even eliminate the need for using oil and coal as a fuel source, as well as reduce the problems of global warming. This good news in advance of the Copenhagen climate change talks which begin this week.

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    To learn about the fast-track commercialization of the algae production industry you may want to check out the National Algae Association, the trade association.

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