Strip Naked for the Dead Sea and Spencer Tunick

dead sea nakedThe Naked Sea installation is intended to draw attention to the declining environmental situation at the Dead Sea. Will you get naked for the Dead Sea?

Naked-people-installation-artist Spencer Tunick is still trying to raise funds to create a massive naked art exhibit which he plans on photographing at the Dead Sea – which we covered last year.

Called “Naked Sea,” he plans on using real life floating bodies to float on the Dead Sea while he documents the event in print. Spencer and his Israeli partner Ari Fruchter are now trying to raise $60,000 by June 6 to make it happen by the end of this year.

Even winter at the Dead Sea can be warm and divine. But does Spencer have any idea what the high salt content of the Dead Sea can do to your private parts, when exposed?

Unlike other countries in the Middle East, modesty issues in Israel aren’t serious. You won’t get arrested for kissing on the beach, and you can certainly get naked in the less public beaches. Unless you are living in an ultra-religious community or Jerusalem, modesty issues are not an issue. Just visit a beach in Tel Aviv and see what I mean.

This project of Spencer’s gets a huge vote from Green Project because it will highlight the environmental exploitation ongoing at the Dead Sea. Since the Jordan River has stopped flowing to the Dead Sea, due to greed, and now that companies from Jordan and Israel are pulling minerals at alarming rates from the Dead Sea, the former beauty is now just a sad reminder of what the Dead Sea once was.

Step up people, travel to Israel and get naked for the Dead Sea! It’s not exactly an original idea, though.

sigalit landau

In 2008, Israeli installation artist Sigalit Landau got naked with 500 watermelons at the Dead Sea, and the video is enchanting.

There is an other-worldly feeling when one is floating at the Dead Sea.

A few steps away from where some of the world’s greatest prophets once roamed, it is an uplifting spiritual experience worth saving for tomorrow’s generations to also enjoy.

The Dead Sea minerals are believed to be Cleopatra’s beauty secret.

Here is an appeal for Spencer’s Israel campaign, with words from fundraiser Fruchter:

“For the past 20 years since I have known Spencer Tunick I have witnessed his art evolve from the streets of  New York, across America and to major cities of the world. What started out as individual photographic portraits of nudes in public environments has grown to mass installations involving thousands of active participants.

“Through his art, Spencer has championed many important causes; from the First Amendment with the historic Court Ruling protecting his installations as art, to Global Warming (Greenpeace – Switzerland & France) and most recently Gay Rights (Sydney Australia). After touching so many people and places around the world, I have embarked on a personal mission to bring Spencer Tunick to Israel.

“The installation will take place at the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth and one of the most naturally picturesque spots on our planet. It is a body of water that unites 3 different people – Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians.

“Being a sea that is literally dead, nothing can live nor grow in it. Sadly, it is disappearing. The water level and shore line has been diminishing every year. By bringing Spencer Tunick to the Dead Sea I am hoping to bring back life – showcasing the importance of water in this region and creating art that is a celebration of humanity that brings world attention to the disappearing Dead Sea.

“For the past few years I have been gearing up for this project and working with Spencer.  My first challenge was to see if the people of Israel were ready to get naked for art. To my surprise the overwhelming answer was yes.

Spencer Tunick

“A group of 5 University students started a grassroots campaign to enlist local participation and thousands have since volunteered. My second challenge, acquiring  financial support from local government, institutions, and sponsors. Due to the nature of this art in this region of the world– this has proven to be the most challenging. After years of great effort and consulting with Spencer, I have decided to start a Kickstarter campaign to finally bring this project or, “Sea” to life in 2011.

“I would like to reach out to all of the fans of Spencer Tunick and the body in art – whether you have participated in his work or have followed in the past. Please look through our promotional video and links below and pledge your support – all funds will go directly to the artist to support this project. Please help spread the word. Looking forward to seeing you at the Naked Dead Sea in 2011.”


To support the campaign which so far has raised about $3,000, click here Naked Sea. If you are in Israel and want to practice getting naked, visit the nudist beach at Beit Yanay, or Tel Baruch, both north of Tel Aviv.

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8 thoughts on “Strip Naked for the Dead Sea and Spencer Tunick”

  1. Jonathan Spector says:

    Karin, You can gawk at me any time. I published my personal account of the Naked Sea installation here:

  2. olga says:

    It’s indeed an important cause, and I hope many people will volunteer.
    Did you know that this year the Dead sea has been chosen as one of the 28 finalists in the new7wonders campaign? You can support the nomination by voting here:

  3. Maysam r says:

    Agreed, no particular country is to blame. All have exploited from Jordan River and its tributaries, but the Palestinians residing in the West Bank do not have physical access to water from Jordan River since 1967, and only have limited access to Dead Sea.

    Hopefully fundraising from the media awareness will truly bring justice to the Dead Sea and more cooperation from countries.

  4. Maysam r says:

    This campaign might be a distraction for the main cause that triggered the “Shrinking of the Dead Sea”. Am sure people know what the reasons are, one of many is the exploitation of the Jordan River with great contribution from Israel and at a smaller scale, Jordan.

    I do not find these initiative any different from the super models campaign of “I would rather be naked than wear fur” that has been pointless at the end. Some major strategic measures need to be harnessed to save the Dead Sea.

    I will not question why naked people will be roaming “a holy site” as mentioned in you article. however, my question is how will the money raised be allocated to mitigate such a problem?

    1. Maysam: Media sensations raise awareness to any issues they are wrapped around. I am not aware that the Dead Sea is a holy site. You can’t only blame Israel for the problems with the Jordan River; there are many issues at stake there, ones that need to be dealt with by all parties involved including Jordan, the PA, and at some level Syria. All the region’s waters flow together, and likewise sustainable answers must be dealt with together.

  5. I would never get naked for something like this, but I’d definitely like to be a gawker.

  6. Hopefully you will get to be part of the installation. 🙂

  7. Well of course you know I like this one!

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