Israel’s Ambassador Of Dance Ido Tadmor Performs For The Dead Sea

Internationally-acclaimed dance Ido Tadmor does an enigmatic dance for the Dead Sea at Kalya Beach. (image by Inbal Marmari)

Becoming one of seven natural wonders can have enormous benefits for tourism, though competition is steep. Among the 28 candidates for the present campaign are the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos, and the Grand Canyon. Scores of people, even Harley Davidson riders, have shown their support for the Dead Sea campaign, which will be a boon to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories. But there’s more to the campaign than generating money. The founder, Bernard Weber, intended for this global initiative to protect remaining beautiful places, to generate unity and respect. Perhaps more than any other pledge of support, Ido Tadmor’s Dead Sea dance – choreographed by him – does just that.

Filmed by Gal Deren, directed by Yossi Yakuel, and performed by Ido Tadmor, this clip expresses what is so special about the Dead Sea. Regardless of the industry, or the political squabbles that tear this region apart, at just over 1300 feet below sea level, there is no place like it.

Tadmor tells  Israel 21C:

“The Dead Sea is my favorite spot in Israel. This is the place where I can rest and go through a ‘rebirthing’, where I feel the strongest spiritual connection, where I feel purified and cleansed. For me – this is one of the most amazing places on earth, and it is important for me to be an active part in its care and development.”

With credentials as long as his powerful legs, Tadmor’s participation in the campaign is sure to drive additional support.

After working as lead dancer for the Bat Sheva Dance Company for five years, the Israeli virtuoso was invited to lead in Lar Lubovitch in New York City under Michael Barishnikov’s direction. Following his performance, the New York Times headline read “Ido Tadmor brought down the house at Lincoln Center.”

In addition to dancing for various companies throughout the world, Tadmor has taught in Israel, Rome, and Amsterdam, and sometimes works as an actor and fashion designer.

For more information about the 7 Natural Wonders of the World campaign or to vote, visit:

:: Israel 21C

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