Naomi Maaravi Fashions an Individual, Recycled, Re-designed Eco Collection

Fashion designer Naomi Maaravi makes clothes with a story.

When Dutch designer Naomi Maaravi moved to Tel Aviv a few years ago, she brought her “clothes with a story” and affinity for recycled fashion with her.  She began creating her upcycled, re-designed fashion pieces ten years ago, when she made her first piece for her daughter out of her husband’s worn out jeans. She’s since turned into a collaborator with Comme Il Faut, and has the skills to coach others on sustainable brand building and marketing.

Naomi Maaravi

Her line has since evolved into a recycled – albeit high fashion – line worn by Israeli celebrities such as Keren Mor (pictured above). Of her inspiration for turning the used into the new, Maaravi says that reusing was her father’s way.  “He never threw anything away, never ever,” she says.

"upcycled fashion sweater"“He created a new world out of items that had no value for anyone anymore.

“Milk-bottles became lamps, strings and ropes were made into carpets or seats.  Combinations of old bikes, appliances, garments became interesting new useful or lovable objects.”

Maaravi took these lessons learned from her father and brought them into her design work.

She says that “as a result of my father’s teaching, for me, every garment has a personality, something that makes it individual and precious.  I like to continue these stories.”

Her garments are fashioned from either her own collection of high end materials, or out of materials supplied by her clients.  “Memories, events, joy, happiness, sadness are all parts of the materials I use, blended to create a unique garment with a story on his own,” Maaravi says.

As a result, all of her garments are unique, one-of-a-kind, and infused with a lot of special attention.

:: Naomi Maaravi

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