“New Dress A Day” Blog Takes Consumerism Out of the Fresh Fashion Equation

new dress a day blognew dress a day upcycledBefore and after: For 365 days, and only 365 dollars, New Dress A Day blogger Marisa removes standard consumerism from her wardrobe and replaces it with 365 upcycled outfits.

Inspired by a creative rut, being newly unemployed, and her looming 30th birthday, Marisa (pictured to the left in a glamorous “before” picture) decided it was time for some drastic measures.  She snipped traditional consumerism out of her life (just like she eventually snipped the shoulder pads off of that pink dress).  In her own words, she will be “foregoing trips to Bloomies and Nordstrom for brand new gear.  Goodbye to H&M purchases and accessory grabbing at Forever 21… 365 days.  365 items of clothing.  365 dollars.”

Though not buying any new clothing for 365 days, Marisa does, however, plan to wear a new outfit every day for the year’s duration of her blog.  Well, new to her.  With a shopping budget of a dollar a day, she will scour flea markets, vintage stores and second hand shops to buy materials that she will then transform into trendy, wearable attire.

We didn’t think it could be done… until we checked out her blog.

The 80’s style prom dress above transformed into a unique pink top to the right from Day 264 is just one example of what can be done with some seriously outdated fashion, some creativity, and some eco-friendly upcycling spirit.

Marisa and New Dress A Day are an inspiration to all of us to rethink our need to use new resources, and rethink the existing ones out there.  And hey, going green can be stylish too.

Don’t know where to start?  If checking out New Dress A Day isn’t enough, try some of Green Prophet’s DIY projects, such as:

::New Dress a Day blog

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  1. audrey says:

    Another very cool refashioning blog I love

  2. MuslimAct says:

    Wow, the dollar a day limit seems quite stringent, but what an amazing project!

  3. She seems to get a lot of inspiration from mumus.

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