Israel Utility Envisions Territory Near Gaza Covered In Solar Fields

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Israel has already issued 25 conditional licenses to companies building solar energy installations near the Gaza strip.

Israel’s National Public Utility Authority (PUA) has received numerous requests to build solar facilities along the edge of the Gaza strip, according to Xinhua News Agency. Two out of the eleven companies would provide 180MW of electricity generated by solar-thermal technology, while the remaining nine will generated an additional 500MW with photovoltaics.

The PUA has already issued conditional licenses for 25 medium-sized plants that will account for almost 50% of the region’s electricity output. “We expected to see the entire south of the country covered in solar fields,” PUA licensing chief Moshe Sheetrit told the paper.

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  1. Solar panels are expensive. I wonder what kind of insurance these companies would need, with Gaza and the rockets just over the fence.

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