Ethical Outfit: Organic Breezy blues For Spring

the eco muslim_outfit
Want to dress ethically, fashionably, chic and according to the Islamic faith?

Muslim fashion is picking up mainstream trends and Muslim women in particular are experimenting with organic clothing to keep the Islamic principle of modesty tied in with ethical ‘eco-hijab’ living. This ensemble is based on a skirt and cardigan from the UK’s Spirit Of Nature, an entirely organic store striving for ‘eco-living’. In keeping with the eco-lifestyle, the wedges are from Fashion Conscience, bag from Monsoon and scarf from Pearl Daisy.

I like this mix of textures and that the rear-end-covering vest echoes the aqua blue in both skirt and cardigan; it’s a fresh look with hopes of a warmer spring.

What do you think? Rate or slate it in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Ethical Outfit: Organic Breezy blues For Spring”

  1. Excellent article! This is what Im looking for. Thank you so much, Im very happy.

  2. Agree with Karin. And for those of us who aren’t religious, that scarf is beautiful on the hips!

  3. I think all these ideas could perfectly suit any religion that requires modest dress. For religious Jews, a slight modification of the head scarf, and presto. Christians can take the scarf off, presto. I like the ideas.

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