Egyptian Man Takes Biking To A Whole New Level… Under Water

A cyclist with a sense of adventure, last year Yasser took his bike for a swim, I mean spin in the Red Sea.

Earlier today, our newest superstar blogger called for a cycling revolution. Inji discusses critical mass biking events, a monthly activity that occurs throughout the world and is sometimes referred to as political-protest rides, and how activist cyclists can contribute to a better future.

The turmoil in the Middle East is so relentless, it is hard to remember a time before, a time when life – albeit less democratic – didn’t seem quite so heavy. A time when biking was just biking, a way to ditch the car and catch a quick thrill.

One Egyptian cycling enthusiast takes us back to that time, offering a lighthearted reminder that there is more than one way to go for a spin.

Last year Yasser and his friends traveled to Dahab with a few of his friends to celebrate Sinai Liberation day. While such a trip might usually consist of “hanging out” with friends and diving, that extended weekend included taking along a prop.

Yasser decided to take along his old road bike “Nie’ma” to determine whether he could ride it underwater.

As the images show, Yasser donned his normal diving equipment, along with his fancy biking shoes, and took an underwater spin. There’s no discussion about the consequence to the bike being exposed to the   Red Sea’s saltwater.

It is also difficult to say whether Yasser managed to avoid riding over the coral reefs, for which Sinai is so well known, but we have to think such a devoted cyclist would be mindful of such important details.

:: Cairo Cyclists

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3 thoughts on “Egyptian Man Takes Biking To A Whole New Level… Under Water”

  1. Nice to hear from you Yasser! Glad to hear the bike survived… where’s the next biking adventure? 😉

  2. Yasser says:

    Hi Tafline,
    Nice article.. and nice green website!
    I wanna say the bike was fine after a wash with fresh water and as for the beautiful red sea coral reefs, we sure avoided damaging any.. we picked some sandy seabed as you can see in the pictures.


    1. You should offer underwater cycling tours. Turn left past the octopus, wide around the shark and right around the coral reef.

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