Israeli Designer Yinnon Lehrer Encourages Urban Biking with Vertical Bike Racks

Yinnon Lehrer’s urban long-term bike parking solution encourages more commuters to keep on pedaling.

If you’ve ever thought about commuting to work everyday on your bike and still haven’t done it yet, chances are there are a couple of reasons why you thought better of it.  A) You didn’t want your bike to get stolen and didn’t have a good place to park it all day and B) You didn’t want to get to work sweaty, smelly and wet.  These are legitimate reasons, and unless you are a major business executive with a private office with ample space to store a bike and a private shower… there isn’t much to be done.  Or is there?  Israeli designer Yinnon Lehrer has come up with a combination long-term bike rack and public shower, for ambivalent urban cycling commuters.

Lehrer’s design includes vertical bicycle parking, as shown above, and public showers or washrooms for commuters to use after completing the cycling portion of their voyage.

The vertical parking means that the bikes are more secure from theft, and that space in already-crammed urban environments is saved.

Not only is the design eco-friendly in that it encourages more cycling (and less fossil fuel-burning vehicle driving), but it is also made out of prefabricated recyclable parts.

Hopefully this funky yet functional design will catch on in the cities that need it.

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