Ezri Tarazi Manifests Israeli’s Conflict Identity With Recycled Design

ezri-taraziEzri Tarazi’s recycled design also draws important attention to how much conflict informs the Israeli identity.

Any visitor to Jerusalem can attest to a palpable tension, an energy, if you will, that scrunches together hundreds of years of political and religious positioning. That same aura rises above almost every Israeli and Palestinian home. And it is full of conflict. Imagine living in a place where every day war is a perceived threat, where every day people vy for their homeland. Ezri Tarazi attempts to if not reconcile at least recognize the extent to which this energy pervades the country with his beautiful design project currently on show at Tel Aviv’s Paradigma gallery.

ezri-tarazi All Israelis are required to do military service, including females, so there is virtually no escape from the constant thrum. By transforming materials or objects used in war to create home furnishings, the Israeli designer physically manifests what is already psychologically very real for everyone.

Called Kalab, which is army speak for “close to home,” the exhibit will be on display until 18 March, 2011. Featured pieces include the tired tire lamp which uses pieces of satchel to represent army truck tires, while the “soft revetment” shown above recreates a sandbag fortification – as real to many of us as any Hollywood film.

ezri-taraziThese cream leader bookshelves are re-purposed from used ammunition boxes; knowledge and learning are thought to be an anecdote to war and conflict, so we find this piece particularly moving.

The thermal earth coffee table below mimics a thermal aerial image taken from unmanned army air vehicles.


Taken from designboom, Tarazi writes:

“The home becomes a ‘closed military zone’ that in its comfort can diminish the natural defense mechanism. This exhibition raises the questions of anxiety, home and sense of security, at times when soldiers and civilians play equal part in the confrontation. This could be the confrontation with our enemies or the confrontation within us, between our primal behaviors and the tamed ones.”

:: designboom

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