Hasadna Design Workshop Does Upcycled Chandeliers With an Ice Cream Party

"upcycled plastic spoon chandelier"You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!  (And upcycled ice cream spoon chandeliers.)

Upcycled design (especially the fun kind) is definitely worthy of celebration, and all the more so with quality ice cream.  Jaffa-based upcycling design workshop Hasadna (Hebrew for “workshop”) celebrated and re-launched its line of plastic spoon chandeliers this week at the ice cream shop that helped make their chandeliers possible, Iceberg.

After Iceberg devotedly collected a summer’s worth of plastic ice cream tasting spoons from its fickle clients (and handed them over to Hasadna, of course), the two creative organizations decided to throw a party together.  An ice cream party, obviously.

The chandeliers are named “Capitolina” in Hebrew, stemming from the word “capit” (which means teaspoon).  They come in a variety of colors, ranging from the the multi-colored aqua chandelier above to single-color lamps in bold and delicious colors (such as raspberry red and campari grapefruit orange).

"recycled wine cork bulletin board"The construction of the lamps took place at the Greenhands factory, a factory that produces upcycled items and hires people with special needs.  The proceeds of the chandeliers, then, go both towards promoting reuse and supporting the societal integration of people with special needs.

The Capitolina chandeliers celebrated at the ice cream party this week may be Hasadna’s most mouth-watering and yummy designs, but are definitely not the workshop’s only upcycled products.

The studio also produces a range of other upcycled products that it places in its “You Call This Garbage?” category, such as wine cork bulletin boards, phone book bowls, and wallets made out of fused plastic bags.

: Hasadna

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