Israeli-born Star of Black Swan, Natalie Portman, Sports Green Engagement Ring

natalie portman ring engagement
She’s got the “green” ring. Guess who is the lucky man.

It’s the sort of news to inspire eco-fashionistas: Natalie Portman, vegan shoe wearer, Golden-Globe winner and star of Black Swan, is wearing an engagement ring that embodies the essence of eco-friendly bling. According to reports, the custom-designed ring by Jamie Wolf is an antique round old-mine cut diamond, surrounded by conflict-free pave diamonds and made by recycled platinum, an altogether eco-sexy combination. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and by that we mean that other newly engaged couples will want to follow suit – and eco-friendly jewelry is the best option, than just what makes a ring green?

Truly Jade Gems

Eco-Jewelry is created with materials that are environmentally friendly, from recycled materials and made according to the principles of fair trade. The purpose, of course, is to heighten awareness of the problems associated with traditional methods by which the metals, gems and stones are obtained, often to the detriment of the planet and those tasked with harvesting them.

The movie, Blood Diamonds, highlighted the conflicts inherent to the diamond mining trade, and as readers of Green Prophet can guess, all that glitters isn’t gold either. According to website, Natural Living for Women:

Traditional mining practices for gold can cause big environmental problems for communities around the excavation site along with unsafe work conditions and extremely low wages. It’s a complex problem that has gone on for years and finally is beginning to be addressed.

Going green when mining for gold, and raising awareness of the issue from a spiritual and Mother Earth point of view is addressed in the article, Going for ‘Green’ in Gold Jewelry.

Fair Trade and Social Responsibility

Beyond materials and the emphasis on reusing and recycling, eco-jewelry entails that we consider the consequences to communities and individuals.   Concern for the environment and the artisans who create the adornments must be also addressed. These include issues like providing adequate pay and benefits, ensuring safe working conditions, and abiding by other recognized socially responsible employment practices.

Her surprise engagement and pregnancy is to Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

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4 thoughts on “Israeli-born Star of Black Swan, Natalie Portman, Sports Green Engagement Ring”

  1. Maurice Picow says:

    Natalie deserves to win the Oscar. What she wears on her finger has no connection, Old Mine cut et al.

  2. I love Natalie Portman – as an actress and an activist. Apparently she doesn’t wear any leather, etc. Let’s hope something good happens at the Oscars. She is so deserving of recognition.

  3. Tinamarie says:

    Possibly a good point – however, the fact that it is recycled, and presumably has been in use for those many years – accounts for something. We’ve got to start somewhere, and a high profile celebrity who lives and advocates eco-friendly ways is setting up the stepping stones for others to follow.

  4. Maurice Picow says:

    I wouldn’t call an “old mine cut” diamond a very “green” stone. These diamonds were mined and cut over a hundred years ago when European colonialism was still dominant in Africa, including South Africa and the Congo. Native Africans who were involved in mining these stones were not treated so well by their European bosses. And “conflicts” were many – just with different “players” than in more recent times in places like Sierra Leone and Angola.

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