7 Eco and Spiritual Wonders of the Middle East (SLIDESHOW)

mount sinai hike

3. God’s Mountain

It doesn’t really get cooler, and more beautiful than this: with Bedouin hospitality, and the setting sun on a pink and purple backdrop, the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is one of the most beautiful and relatively unspoiled places on Planet Earth.

The ultimate “spiritual” and ecological experience – is climbing the mountain where Moses was believed to have received the 10 commandments. When Moses went to traverse the sharp edges of the mountain to pray at the summit, God granted him what has come to characterize monotheistic religion at the present moment. The Ten Commandments are arguably the most well known laws God granted humanity.

Mount Sinai has become a regular place of pilgrimage for millions of people the world over: This sacred mountain, when climbed today, is a spiritual journey that people of all creeds and ethnicities come to each year in the hope of experiencing the hand of God in this world. Mount Sinai is a path to a different world. With perseverance even the average climber can get to the top of the mountain and bear witness to the birth of modern monotheism.

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Image via Karl Schneider

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