7 Eco and Spiritual Wonders of the Middle East (SLIDESHOW)

Bu Tinah Atoll Abu Dhabi

2. Bu Tinah Atoll

Increasing salinity and higher water temperatures may be causing problems for wildlife in many parts of the Persian Gulf.

But in one location at least on Abu Dhabi’s Bu Tinah islands, located 130 km west of the sheikdom’s capital, rare hawksbill sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins, and thousands of birds appear to be very happy on or around the island.

In fact, things seem to be going so well for the animals who consider small the island archipelago as “home,” that Bu Tinah’s Marwah Marine Biosphere Reserve has been nominated as one of 28 finalists to be chosen as part of the seven world’s most natural wonders.

This in itself is a wonder since the waters there are some of the world’s most saline, and where water temperatures often reach as high as 35 degrees Celsius during the hot summer months.

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Image via 7Wonders

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