7 Eco and Spiritual Wonders of the Middle East (SLIDESHOW)

dead sea rusty bike
We’ve only got one life, and one planet. Time to get off your armchair folks and learn a little more about your planet. Green Prophet challenges you to think over a trip to the Middle East for your next eco-holiday.

We’ve picked out 7 places worth seeing, and preserving.

1. The Dead Sea

See from the Israeli side, Jordan or the West Bank – the Dead Sea isn’t yet a Wonder of the World, but it should be.

Float in its super-salty ‘dead’ water. Stay in a spa. Get covered in mud.

Its healthy air and atmospheric pressure – 400 meters below sea level, is good for people with asthma, Crohn’s Disease, skin disorders, and more. It’s where Cleopatra went for her “beauty secrets.” Can you sink any lower at the lowest place on earth? Not really. And you wouldn’t want to.

Start here to learn more about the Dead Sea


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