Organic Farms Growing in Dubai

basket-organic-tomatoesDubai’s government is developing more organic farms, but oil-dependent desalination plants used for water casts a shadow on their carbon footprint

News from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates tended to be dominated by new construction projects being announced or more recently debts levels, but it seems that the government is making a serious push to promote organic farming as well. The National is reporting that the government in Dubai plans to add 23 new organic farms by June 2011 to the 17 that already exist.

Work on the new farms will start in September by converting existing farms into organic and by constructing greenhouses that will allow fruit and vegetables to grow in a cooler environment, as outside temperatures can reach 45 Celsius or 102 Fahrenheit during the summer months.

In addition, the government will add new laws that regulate both local and imported organic foods that will include a trademark to make it easier for consumers to find the organic products.

Most of us might only think of Dubai as one big city but there are surrounding areas with a rich biodiversity and wildlife.

Growing Popularity

Over the last few years organic produce has become more popular in the Emirates as people have tired of  fruits and vegetables being imported, which may have the advantage of always having everything available but with a taste that is often described as not quite the real thing.

Is Desalinated Water Organic?

In a country that gets 90% of its water via desalination the question is whether anything grown locally can be called organic considering the use of oil to power the desalination plants.

“As long as you have local water you cannot achieve a low carbon footprint because of the desalination required. Composting is incredibly difficult to do in the heat. We’re fighting the elements,” Nils el Accad, the owner of Organic Foods & Café an organic supermarket in Dubai was quoted by the National as saying.

El Accad also said that when considering the carbon footprint it might actually be better to develop organic farms abroad and then import the produce via ship;  the UAE and other Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia have already purchased farmlands in both Africa and Asia to attain food security as domestic agriculture is not able to meet the demands of an ever growing population.

:: The National

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  1. Dear Sir,, i am a Horticulture consultant working in Mumbai, INDIA and visiting IPM plant expo in Dubai from 9th November to 11th November. i did M.Sc and Ph.D in Horticulture and have experience over 27 years in the field of Teaching, Research, Agricultural extension work. worked in the agriculture university as professor for five years and then in the fertilizer industry for 22 years. i also visited ISRAEL on scholarship to learn the green house technology. now working as free lance Horticulturist in Mumbai and also as visiting professor in Mumbai university teaching Landscaping, gardening, organic farming, green house technology and agribusiness management in three colleges of Mumbai university.

    wish to visit farms cultivating fruits and vegetables in green houses and in open field in UAE… can you help me get the contact details of farmers who are doing it in UAE.
    My email ID is [email protected] kindly let me know… i am looking forward to see those farms in Dubai…


    Dr.Rajendra Deshmukh

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  2. ASHA says:

    Am a student in Middlesex Dubai doing an assingment on sustainable consumption. I have done some research and realised i could produce my leaflet about Organic Farming. My question is what is my target audience in this case and the rationale. Is this really an essential initiative needed in the UAE. And how it benefits the wider society.
    All your help will be greatly appreciated.

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      Hello Inshallah,

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  4. kirit patel says:

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    I read articles and ongoing concepts on organic farming at Dubai.
    First of all everything is possible if men wish.
    There is a sand in desert and it can not hold water , fertilizer or any neutition to provide plants / tree /vegetables.
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  5. Andrew says:

    I am an Australian Biological farming going to Dubai on holiday in March 2012, is it possible to go to any of these farms? if yes, can you provide contract details.
    Thank you.

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  7. Dr.Bassima Saidi says:

    Dear Sir,
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