Who’s Going Nuclear in the Middle East?

A handy chart to plot which Middle East countries are going nuclear. Ever since oil was discovered in the Middle East around 1950 it has gas been the driving force behind the region’s transformation. But as of late a new focus has emerged based on both an ever increasing demands for electricity but also a […]


Ormat Technologies Secures US Funds For Geothermal Plants

Ormat plans to harvest more power from the depths of the earth with additional funding from the US Dept. of Treasury. Despite failing to meet market expectations when its Q2 results were presented in August, the geothermal power company Ormat Technologies managed to secure an additional $108 million funding, according to the Israeli business daily […]


No More Gas Exploration in Israel?

Will the sea outside Israel be calm again? Hopes and dreams of a gas bonanza in Israel came to a sudden halt as shares came tumbling down after the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure under Minster Uzi Landau decided to cancel any further sale of oil and gas exploration rights, the Israeli business daily Globes […]


Egypt’s Long Path to Nuclear Power

US President Nixon offered to build eight nuclear power plants for Egypt during the Cold War; Matt questions whether the first such plant will finally be built by 2019? How long is its worth waiting on your country to build its first nuclear power plant? If you are Egyptian, the answer is 45 years. That […]


Sign Up for Gulf Solar 2010

There is enough sun in the Gulf region to generate electricity equivalent to that powered by 1.5 million barrels of oil; will stakeholders make the switch? Do you have any plans  for the 23-24 of December? If not, perhaps you should consider booking a ticket to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to attend […]


Dye Solar Cell “3G Solar” Moves On-Grid

3G Solar moves on-grid, where the market is  more lucrative than off-grid, developing countries The Israeli solar power firm 3G Solar will move on grid as part of a new ownership strategy, according to PlasticEletronics.com. What sets 3G Solar apart from most other photovoltaic solar companies is its unique technology based on the Dye Solar […]


Ormat Geothermal Reports $1.5 Million Loss

Despite low 2nd quarter earnings, Ormat has secured $350 million in loan guarantees to develop renewable, geothermal energy plants Israeli-founded geothermal power company  Ormat Technologies (NYSE: ORA) failed to meet the market’s expectations when the company presented its results for Q2: a $1.5 million loss was reported, resulting in a $0.03 loss per share. Most […]


Solar Power To The People Of Abu Dhabi

Will Abu Dhabi’s citizens choose solar panels for their roofs when electricity prices go up? The residents of the United Arab Emirates capital, Abu Dhabi, will soon experience three major changes as the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company electricity supplier plans to install a meter for every apartment and a solar panel on every roof, according […]


Organic Farms Growing in Dubai

Dubai’s government is developing more organic farms, but oil-dependent desalination plants used for water casts a shadow on their carbon footprint News from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates tended to be dominated by new construction projects being announced or more recently debts levels, but it seems that the government is making a serious push […]


Summer Heat Jams Power Production in Oil-rich Saudi Arabia

Saudis, Kuwaitis and Emiritis experience summer blackouts, despite being oil- and gas-rich. Lack of infrastructure and change in lifestyle to blame. With temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius or 112 Fahrenheit more the a few countries in the region are struggling to keep up with people’s needs to keep cool in the scorching summer […]