At Collecteco Gallery, Each Piece Tells an Ecological and Design Story

Collecteco gallery displays an impressive collection of eco design and art in central Israel.

Green Prophet has witnessed the occurrence of several environmentally-themed exhibitions in Israel over the past few years.  Most recently, Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard was taken over by designs of green futuristic homes, but in the past the city has also witnessed a pop-up upcycled design store and an ecological art exhibition titled “White Trash”.  But, we must admit, we have not yet seen an entire gallery devoted to environmentally friendly and ecologically inspired art.  Until Collecteco.

Located in Moshav Batsra in central Israel and owned by Yossi Ghinsberg, the gallery’s name is derived from both the words “collect” and “eco”.  This reflects the fact that the objects in the gallery are the product of over 20 years of Ghinsberg’s worldwide collecting activities, and that they were collected because of their ecological and natural elements.

Ghinsberg has spent a major part of his life traveling to exotic and remote locations, including Papua New Guinea, the Amazon rainforest, Indonesia, and far-off spots in Africa and Asia.  At times, he would live with local residents and assist in preserving the ecological habitat.

And other times, he undoubtedly couldn’t resist collecting a unique piece that held a personal or mythic story.

The objects that he has selected are not only completely unique, but were all handmade from readily available natural materials.  (Some of these materials include driftwood, or even seaweed.)

Whether you’re a crunchy granola type or a chic design fan, it looks like your tastes would be satisfied at Collecteco.

: Collecteco
Image and other details via: Grey

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