White Trash, An Ecological Group Exhibition, Opens in Tel Aviv Next Week

Participating artwork by Inbal Limor

Participating artwork by Inbal Limor

Inbal Limor, an Israeli artist whose artistic plastic bag creations and puppets we’ve already covered on Green Prophet, is devoted to using her art to promote environmental awareness.  And this time she’s going bigger, joining forces with other artists who have a similar mission.

Together with Amanda Mehl and Shameless, Inbal has initiated and curated a group exhibition that will open on July 16th in Tel Aviv called White Trash: An ecological group exhibition calling for creative awareness.  True to the unconventional nature of the art that will be exhibited, the show will take place in an industrial space in south Tel Aviv.

Participating artists include Inbal Limor, Maya Gelfman, Amanda Mehl, Rafi Perez, Sivan Gross, Shameless, Rani Birnbaum, Natalie Mandel, Nima Ktlav, Yael Yaari, Mashka, Maria Makarov, and Emil Tuval.

The artists’ joint statement about the upcoming exhibition is as follows:

“Garbage is our creation. We create it at every moment.  A substance that was a usable material now becomes garbage, and it piles up, it’s present, and it becomes a testimony of our lives and actions, a silent symbol.

israel recycled artThe exhibition White Trash comes to raise a question about this symbol, to change the way we look at it.  The focal point of White Trash is to take a dirty, filthy thing and turn it into something clean, whether it’s through re-using it, recycling it, or in our case, turning it into art.

Here is where we begin the search for original alternative solutions regarding the usage of the substance in our immediate environment that is there in our peripheral vision and we are constantly ignoring.  By bringing the junk into the artistic realm, the substance will become “whitened”, legitimate, possible, and it’s original role will change from being something of no use into art.

The concept for the exhibition was initiated and curated by three artists, Amanda Mehl, Shameless, and Inbal Limor. The ecological emphasis is present in the work themselves and in the DIY thought behind it.  Hand made, recycled flyers and interactive installations which include human generated energy.  All the artists participating will be re-using objects found in their surroundings.”

White Trash will open on Thursday, July 16th at 8pm at Shvil Hameretz Street 3, Building 8 in Tel AvivThe exhibition closes on Wednesday, July 22nd.

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