Inspire Collective Brings 150 Artists Together for ReUse 3 Exhibition in Tel Aviv

reuse project tel avivReuse design?  We thought Green Prophet had it pretty much covered.  We’ve brought you plastic dolls converted into lamps, plastic bags transformed into wallets, beer bottles made into beads, and lots more.  But the surprises keep on coming.

Reusing an abandoned movie theater as an art exhibition space?  There’s an idea.

An idea conjured up by the Inspire Collective, an inspiring group of artists who describe themselves like this:

“We’re a small group of full time public artists now (for the last seven years) working with a wide variety of mediums and organize global public art exhibitions, etc…an inspired art/activist collective in the middle east working for a positive social climate by underemphasis of politics, economy, and dogma thru the overemphasis of art, creativity, and the dynamics human spirit that refuses to submit to oppression.   We are people who know that cooperation is magic…

Since the formation of the ubiquitous INSPIRE Collective (in W.Jerusalem / 2003), we have helped over 700 independent artists from around the world to exhibit their works here in the middle east.”

Their latest project was ReUse 3, an art exhibition that took place last night and transformed an abandoned movie theater on Pinsker Street in Tel Aviv into an exhibition space to temporarily house the works of 150 local and international artists.

reuse art exhibition middle eastInspire Collective explains the mission of the exhibition as follows: “On November 19th; ART WILL SERVE A SOCIAL CAUSE, INDEED: whether we like it or not, abandoned and neglected spaces are a global bi-product of industrial abuse. Due to the wasteful nature of capitalist ideologies, “real world” problems, like “homelessness”, “poverty”, and “social alienation” never seem to get solved, yet rethinking and reusing these neglected and abandoned spaces within our own communities can help to ease these “societal ills”…

Reusing these public spaces causes us to perceive these spaces without economic glasses; it helps us to see thru a more social lens & potentially reverse the process of these problems around the world…”

Check out some cool images from the exhibition on Inspire Collective’s flickr page.

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  8. i am creative reuse artist, i have art works made of recycle wast material that showing how we are conserving our environment and the relation beet ween environment and pollution. i wont to get the opportunity to participate in your exhibition,what requirement is needed to participate in the exhibition.

  9. i am creative reuse artist,i have art works made of recycle materials that are showing how we are conserving our environment and the relation beet ween environment and pollution. if i get the opportunity to participate in your exhibition i am ready to participate and what requirements it needed to participate in the exhibition.

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