Spend Summer Nights at Hiria, Central Israel's Garbage Dump, Among the Trash and Beneath the Stars

hiria garbage dump israelGet romantic at the dump! Hiria garbage dump tries to attract visitors this summer with outdoor movie screenings and activities for the whole family.

Once upon a time, it was common to spend summer nights watching a movie outdoors.  Remember that scene in Grease at the drive-in, when Danny took Sandy out to watch a movie and eat popcorn under the stars?  Unfortunately, drive-ins and outdoor movie screenings have disappeared for the most part.  But Hiria, central Israel’s garbage dump that has been greenifying its image in recent years, is bringing the outdoor movie screening back this summer.  The catch?  The catch is pretty obvious.  The events are all at Hiria… a garbage dump.

hiria dumpThe movie screenings are part of a series of family-friendly activities planned for the month of July.  (Check out the footage from previous workshops and movie screenings at Hiria in the clip above.)  Every Thursday during the month of July, visitors are invited to take part in a workshop, tour, and outdoor film at Hiria.

Between 5pm and 8pm, visitors will be invited to participate in recycling/upcycling/reusing workshops at Hiria’s Center for Environmental Education (a center which designer Brigitte Cartier has whimsically decorated with garbage).  They will also be able to take tours of the site during these hours.

At 8:30pm, visitors will be able to set up picnics on the Hiria lawn and watch children’s movies (dubbed in Hebrew).  Next Thursday, Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie will be shown, the week after that they’ll be screening Wall-E (an appropriate movie for a garbage dump), and then Antz.

For more information about the events or about Hiria in general, visit the Hiria website.

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