Beirut’s Giant Tire Fire Intentionally Set?


Black smoke billows out of Karantina dump tire fire, near Beirut this weekend. Green groups think the fire was set to pull metal from the rubber tires. Landfills and garbage dumps in Lebanon have had their share of environmental issues. This reality is an ongoing problem for environmentalists there, and involves giant, smelly garbage mounds […]

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Solar Taxi Visits Israel Cleanup Day


Israeli volunteers joined others worldwide on November 1st, in an international movement to “clean up” our environmental act. The 11th annual International Cleanup Day activities in Israel, which took place on November 1st, were attended by 204 regional Israeli councils, 260,000 volunteers, environmental VIPs, and one solar powered taxi (driven by Swiss inventor Louis Palmer […]

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Spend Summer Nights at Hiria, Central Israel's Garbage Dump, Among the Trash and Beneath the Stars

Get romantic at the dump! Hiria garbage dump tries to attract visitors this summer with outdoor movie screenings and activities for the whole family. Once upon a time, it was common to spend summer nights watching a movie outdoors.  Remember that scene in Grease at the drive-in, when Danny took Sandy out to watch a […]

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