Make Your Own Organic Sunscreen

Getting burned?  Make your own organic sunblock. [image via: Gadi Yosef] It’s mid-July in the Middle East, and unless you plan on being a hermit in an air conditioned cave for the next few months you’re bound to get hit by some serious rays of sun.  Sooner or later, you’ve gotta go to work, buy […]


Hakfar Hayarok Experimental School of Excellence and Environmental Leadership in Israel Hosting "Green Summer Camp" This Week

Hakfar Hayarok (or, in Hebrew, the “green village”) is a small village located in central Israel.  Founded in 1950 by Gershon Zack, the village currently houses 400 boarding school students and 800 foreign students in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  It is considered to be a youth village with an experimental approach to excellence. This […]


EcoMum on Indoor Games

Okay, so I know it’s hot and going outside is not always the best option. So what can we do with the kids indoors that does not involve TV and video games? This week I will give you the rundown on indoor games, and believe you me, there is no shortage of ideas. There are […]


EcoMum On Green Summer Vacations

The summer is here and the kids are at home, if they are not at summer camp then you are probably hearing the words “I’m bored!” alot, if not too much. So how to keep your kids happy and green at the same time. In the next few weeks I hope to bring you some […]


Keeping it Cool

Who wants an inefficient refrigerator? Wipe off the coils regularly, dusty coils can reduce the efficiency by 30%. Also let your dishes cool properly before you put dinner away. A healthy fridge will last longer, save energy and work better… What more could you want?