New Wind Venture Seen as Bridge of Peace Across the Green Line

Israeli-Palestinian joint wind power ventureRepresentatives of Israeli and Palestinian partner companies pose after reaching agreement on joint venture for wind power.  (Courtesy photo)

Cynics might say that diplomatic attempts to foster Palestinian-Israeli relations are too often “full of hot air.” But a new green Israeli-Palestinian initiative aims to put politics aside and harness the winds blowing across the Green Line to generate electricity for factories, offices and private homes in the West Bank.

According to a joint press release, the Israel Wind Power cleantech company and the Bethlehem-based Brothers Group Engineering company will form a joint venture to manufacture, market and install wind turbines capable of independently generating 2 to 50 kW.

“Business collaboration in the area of wind energy is something which will be for the benefit of everyone. It will serve as a bridge of peace for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” declared Dr. Mohammed Salem, CEO of the Palestinian partner company. 

Israel Wind Power, which boasts over a decade of international experience in product development and manufacturing technology, will provide its Palestinian counterpart with technological know-how and professional training, as well as assistance in financing. “We will be for our Palestinians friends and colleagues a pipeline for their products to be marketed both in Israel and abroad,” said Yoram Suissa, the company’s business development manager.

Brothers Engineering Group, established in 2006, has so far developed and installed five wind turbine systems to create electricity with a capacity of 2 kW for private homes, collected by batteries.

The joint venture is expected to be up and running within a year. “We believe that this is an example of the ability of ordinary people to bridge gaps between our communities, especially during these stormy days,” Dr. Salem said.

::Israel Wind Power website (Hebrew only)
::Brothers Group Engineering website(English, Arabic and Hebrew)

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