Finance Ministry Freezes Incentives for Large Solar Plants in Israel

Israel’s solar industry will showcase its wares next week at the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference. Just a week before the 4th annual celebration of Israel’s renewable energy industry in Eilat, the country’s slow progress toward generating green energy hit another bureaucratic snag and zigzag. The Ministry of Finance froze implementation of the feed-in tariffs the Electricity Authority […]


Lots Of Green Challenges Ahead In 2011

Our individual efforts to stem global warming seem mighty inconsequential when China is burning billions of tons of coal. As we reflect back on the past year and look forward to a greener 2011, it is tempting to believe that environmental awareness is gradually and inexorably growing, as reflected in recent Green Prophet reports about […]


Green Tidings from The American University in Cairo

American University in Cairo’s new campus was designed for efficient energy and water usage. Most observers would not think of Egypt as an environmental leader. Instead, the smog and litter of Cairo come to mind, or the negative environmental impact of the Aswan Dam. Yet we recently reported here that Egypt ranks No. 1 in […]


Israel Aerospace Industries Looking For Major Green Projects

This statue by the United Nations HQ in New York City expresses the biblical vision of “beating swords into plowshares.” An Israeli industrial powerhouse is also seeking to transition from military to civilian applications. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel’s largest industrial exporter, whose current product mix is 70% military and 30% civilian, is seeking to enter the […]


Nano ‘Stars of David’ Offer Promise of Using Sunlight to Make ‘Green’ Fuel

This nanoparticle, 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, could star in clean energy applications. Researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem have created an artificial nanoparticle that looks like a six-pointed Star of David and offers potential for environmental applications, including use as photocatalysts for separating hydrogen from water to create clean fuel.