Doha and Tel Aviv Launch Two-Wheel Options for Urban Transportation


  Tel Aviv is preparing to launch a bike-sharing program, joining over 200 cities in the world that already operate such systems. The pessimists and optimists will continue to disagree about the ultimate outcome of the amazing wave of protests sweeping through the Middle East (including bicycle-riding protestors in Cairo), but here’s one revolution everyone can […]

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Italian Solar Company Finds a Friend in Israel: Enerpoint Acquires Friendly Energy


Friendly Energy has installed 70 rooftop solar systems in Israel, like this one in Beersheva.  European companies continue to find interest in photovoltaic (PV) solar projects in Israel. For example, we recently reported about the joint venture between the Spanish multinational Soltec Renewable Energies and Shikun & Binui Solaria to build a solar power plant in […]

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Finance Ministry Freezes Incentives for Large Solar Plants in Israel


Israel’s solar industry will showcase its wares next week at the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference. Just a week before the 4th annual celebration of Israel’s renewable energy industry in Eilat, the country’s slow progress toward generating green energy hit another bureaucratic snag and zigzag. The Ministry of Finance froze implementation of the feed-in tariffs the Electricity Authority […]

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Sunflower Sustainable Investments Continues to Blossom in Italy


Bellisimo! Sunflower already produces some 24 MW of solar energy in Italy and Spain.  Israel-based Sunflower Sustainable Investments is continuing to find sunny prospects in Italy for its solar activity, announcing the purchase of another solar energy farm last week. This comes on the heels of the financial investment house’s acquisition of three Italian solar […]

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Greenpeace Activists In Jerusalem Protest Plans To Build Coal-Fired Power Plant


No it’s not Spiderman and friends, just green activists trying to call attention to the environmental impact of coal-burning power plants. Greenpeace went to great heights yesterday to express opposition to plans for a new coal-burning power plant in Israel. Five Greenpeace activists scaled the cables of the Chords Bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem […]

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Clinton Lauds Masdar’s Renewable Energy Efforts, Is ‘Betting On The UAE’


Clinton’s visit came one week before Abu Dhabi hosts its annual World Future Energy Summit. Green Prophet has presented a number of negative assessments of Masdar and Abu Dhabi’s ambitious efforts to build a carbon-free city. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to have missed or dismissed these reports. During a visit to Masdar City […]

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Lots Of Green Challenges Ahead In 2011


Our individual efforts to stem global warming seem mighty inconsequential when China is burning billions of tons of coal. As we reflect back on the past year and look forward to a greener 2011, it is tempting to believe that environmental awareness is gradually and inexorably growing, as reflected in recent Green Prophet reports about […]

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Comet-ME Continues to Bring Power to Villagers in the South Hebron Hills


Comet-ME co-founder Elad Orian gets a supportive handshake from Bill Clinton.   It is indeed exciting to report on mammoth solar projects, gigantic desalination plants and world-embracing electric car developments, but the Green Prophet – in the spirit of the biblical prophets one might say – also takes special pleasure in sharing news about individuals and communities […]

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Israel Signs Landmark Solar Energy Agreement with Arava Power


Arava Power, based in Kibbutz Ketura in southern Israel, is blazing the bureaucratic path for solar fields in Israel. Israel reached a milestone yesterday in its efforts to add a substantial solar component to its electric grid: National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau signed the country’s first power purchase agreement (PPA) for solar energy with Ketura […]

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Israel Aerospace Industries Looking For Major Green Projects


This statue by the United Nations HQ in New York City expresses the biblical vision of “beating swords into plowshares.” An Israeli industrial powerhouse is also seeking to transition from military to civilian applications. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel’s largest industrial exporter, whose current product mix is 70% military and 30% civilian, is seeking to enter the […]

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France’s Alstom Enters Joint Venture to Invest in Israeli Cleantech Technology


Alstom, which is providing the trams for the Jerusalem Light Rail project, will invest in Israeli cleantech The French energy company Alstom, which recently acquired a 10% stake in the solar company BrightSource, is embarking on another green project in Israel, TheMarker reported this week. In a joint venture with Rotem Industries (the business arm […]

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Vision Signs MoU with SolFocus for 8 CPV Solar Plants in Saudi Arabia


SolFocus CPV receivers will catch some rays in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has taken another step toward integrating solar power into its energy mix: Vision Electro Mechanical Co. (Vision) has signed an MoU with California-based SolFocus to build eight solar power stations in the kingdom, starting with a 130-kilowatt solar plant in the Bahra industrial complex […]

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Energy Conference in Israel Becomes Arena for Debating Natural Gas Deal with Egypt


Nimrod Novik of the Merhav Group  was not pleased by the frontal attack waged by Delek’s Yoram Turbowitz at an energy conference in Israel this week. The Israel Energy and Business Convention 2010 held this week in Ramat Gan addressed a range of energy-related issues and featured keynote speeches by several government ministers. Of particular […]

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Nano ‘Stars of David’ Offer Promise of Using Sunlight to Make ‘Green’ Fuel


This nanoparticle, 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, could star in clean energy applications. Researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem have created an artificial nanoparticle that looks like a six-pointed Star of David and offers potential for environmental applications, including use as photocatalysts for separating hydrogen from water to create clean fuel.

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