Syria Brainstorms on Renewable Energy at International Event

Though lacking the resources that have enabled richer Arab states, and the UAE in particular, to play a leading role in promoting renewable energy, Syria is also looking to boost its involvement in this field. This week, the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology (HIAST) in Damascus is hosting an International Conference on International Energies (ICRE) and Exhibition.

According to ICRE’s website, the purpose of the conference “is to bring together international researchers and practitioners working at the cutting-edge of solar energy, as well as related areas such as renewable energy and clean energy.” The website goes on to succinctly state: “The renewable energy sector can give our host country a lot.”

The official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that “experts from research centers in Germany, Serbia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan presented papers stating that achieving integration among renewable energy sources can guarantee supplying energy to several countries, underlining the need for every side to exert all efforts to guarantee energy sources in the future since the world still has the ability and options to achieve this goal.”

The participants discussed issues including the production of energy via geothermal heat pumps, methods for optimal use of solar energy storage systems in buildings, and the generation of electricity from solar energy in desert regions.

The three-day conference concludes on Wednesday.

Image via SANA

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