Green Geeks Network Launches Its Second Unconference in Tel Aviv

There will be no green tech conference at this un-conference in Israel.

With the Alice in Wonderland craze in full force now, an “unconference” might sound like something the Mad Hatter would organize.  If he celebrated unbirthdays, we wouldn’t put it past him to organize an unconference.  But alas, no.  The green unconference coming up next Friday, April 23rd has been organized by the Greeks (aka, the green geeks).

This is the second unconference put together by the Greeks, who had their previous one in 2008. So what exactly happens at an unconference?

green geeks unconference isrealFor starters, the content is completely generated and let by its participants.  Participants can be allotted 10 minutes to present an idea and brain storm with their audience.  Those wanting to make more elaborate presentations can also petition the Greeks.

Some of the current discussion topics on the unconference agenda are: green and lazy, saving energy, and green applications on mobile phones and the web.  The slightly longer brainstorming session topics will include: water heating in shared houses, saving 100 Gigawatt hours per day worldwide, recycling computers, computer games with green topics, and reuse of condensation water from air conditioners.

The even longer workshops will discuss: home brewed wind turbines and a compost workshop.  As of now, talks will be about: trees and their contribution to urban life, sustainable energy in Israel, and geothermal heat resources.  Lastly, the presentations will include: Comet-ME (Community Energy Technology in the Middle East), Israel’s most promising cleantech startups, and tools for green engineering.

Think something might be missing?  It’s not too late to add your own session to the unconference.

The Greek Unconference is taking place on Friday, April 23rd at the Ramat Aviv Seminar Hakibbutzim.  Visit the unconference’s website for more information.

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