Green Prophet's Top 10 Middle East Environment News Stories of 2009

z5 air filterdubai artificial world islandsdavid de rothschildWant to read the most popular green stories of 2009 on your favourite Middle East environment blog? Read on.

Every blog and news site does it as a way to gain perspective: Whether you’ve celebrated the Muslim New Year more than a week ago, or the Jewish New Year a couple of months ago, our global calendar is about to tack on another year. 2010 is around the corner. Before we get there, Green Prophet looks back at the top 10 most popular stories concerning the Middle East in the year 2009. We’ve chosen these stories based on the number of hits they’ve registered on our site.

Read on to enjoy!

1. Is the Z5 retrofit for your car, claiming to save gas and emissions the real deal? The jury’s not out on this one, but thousands of people are curious.

2. Dubai’s wind-powered building in motion has sparked a lot of interest this year. Even though this story was written in 2008.

3. For some reason, people keep coming back for more of this Middle East classic, making our Baba Ganoush recipe a best-seller!

4. EWA from Israel says it can squeeze water from thin air. We can’t get enough of these kinds of stories.

5. Dubious Dubai reports that it will constructing a refrigerated beach. Is this one excess too much? Readers think so.

6. The Gulf’s artificial islands are a disaster waiting to happen. When faced with a tsunami, or another natural disaster, it could be bye-bye to people and the mega-construction project.

7. Readers want to know what kind of clean technologies from Israel could make our world cleaner and greener. Read our big broad-brush overview.

8. Saudi Arabia claims that it’s built the world’s biggest desalination plant. Read all about it at spot #8.

9. Okay, seriously. Green Prophet readers love to eat. Spot #9 is filled by something yummy: a Middle East delight – a recipe for kibbeh.

10. David de Rothschild, a billionaire heir, hopes to draw attention to the world’s polluted marine ecosystems by creating a sailboat made from plastic bottles, Green Prophet reports.

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