Natural and Organic Food Product Expo Planned for Dubai

middle-east-market-organic-foodThe organic market is growing at an exponential rate in the United Arab Emirates, and a new Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo 2009 (MENOPE) is about to take place in Dubai to showcase new goods, reports GreenPlanet blog.

Taking place next week the same dates when the COP15 climate event starts, the 7-9 December event will showcase certified organic and natural products markets under single roof.

With backing from the UAE Ministry of Health and the UAE Ministry of Environment & Water, both bodies recognize the economics and conservation benefits of organic and health products.

The rising interest in organic food products across the world, the UAE is and the Middle East region as a whole is also going through a quick transition phase, report conference organizers, adding that in the UAE, including the largest market of the GCC, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the market for organic food products and the affinity for organic farming are growing at an exponential phase.

Entry point for Middle East organic market?

Excellent infrastructural facilities, including transportation, makes Dubai an ideal venue for global natural, organic and herbal product companies to get a good head start in reaching out to the Middle East market, organizers add.


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  1. Did this progress at all? Would be interesting to find out.

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