Mitzpe Alummot in the Galilee Cleanses the Body (and the Environment) with Raw, Organic Food

mitzpe alummot raw food retreatMitzpe Alummot (literally, “Sheaf Observatory”) is a health farm in the lower Galilee that focuses on restoring the wellbeing of its visitors during their stays.  But it also focuses on the health and wellbeing of the environment, one blade of wheatgrass at a time.

A large component of any stay at Mitzpe Alummot is the gourmet vegetarian, organic raw food.  Besides not insisting on a strictly vegan menu, the food offerings at Mitzpe Alummot are the extreme environmentalist’s dream.

Vegetarian food is more environmentally conscious because it conserves all of the energy associated with raising livestock to be eaten as meat, and organic food keeps harmful pesticides out of our soil, air and waterways.

The health farm claims that cooking food in temperatures under 48 degrees Celsius (or 105 degrees Fahrenheit) preserves the nutritional values of the food, since food cooked above that temperature loses 50% of its protein and 70% of its vitamins and minerals.  Cooking food in temperatures under 48 degrees also means saving a lot of energy.raw food mitzpe alummot

Mitzpe Alummot believes in the Ann Wigmore philosophy, which “regards the body, the mind and the spirit as one whole.  This method offers a natural way of living, which helps prevent different ailments, while providing the tools to conquer disease.”  We would like to add that their holistic approach to food encompasses a healthier environment as well.

If the health benefits and energy savings are of interest to you, check out the many raw food recipes on the Mitzpe Alummot website.  The sunburgers and Jerusalem artichoke salad look especially interesting, with basic fruit pie and carob fudge brownies for dessert.

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  1. jammy! :)thanx for this post! 🙂

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    Thanks for the nice comments I agree 100% but I am biased

  3. Oooh, that basic fruit pie looks good! I’ve been eating raw food for a few months and it’s wonderful how great you feel on it – after the detox period!

  4. Info Product says:

    Thank you! I’m vegetarian and I’ve just started going raw, so I’m going to check this out!

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