Paz and 7 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of July 26, 2009


During the week of July 26th, Israeli oil company Paz launched a solar energy venture. The Israeli government launched a program to save an aquifer on the coast and a bird sanctuary vital to half a billion of the world’s birds that’s in danger of closing made headlines.

For these stories and more, see below for this past week’s headlines.

1. Letting the sunshine in

2. Israeli Oil Company Paz Launches Solar Energy Venture Today

3. Siemens On A Solar Streak With Investment News Around Arava Power

Inside Israel
4. World’s birdlife in danger if Israeli sanctuary closes

5. Israel launches program to save coastal aquifer

6. State increasing incentive to use renewable energy

Green Building
7. GREEN GLOBE: Plans for Israel’s New Eco-Hub Revealed

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