Baby Crocodile Boards EgyptAir Flight

baby-crocodileIf until now you worried about carbon offsets for your international flights, you may want to add baby crocodiles to the list of concerns.

On Friday, a foot-long croc was found scurrying down the aisles of an EgyptAir flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo. The Emirati paper The National reports that EgyptAir has claimed the animal was actually just a lizard.

However, other passengers have boarded EgyptAir flights with carry-on bags stuffed with 250 baby crocodiles.

Another passenger made it onto an EgyptAir flight with 700 snakes, and in 2003 a Swedish man prepared for takeoff with live cobras hidden in his pants.

Airline officials say a passenger must have smuggled the crocodile on board in carry-on luggage; no passengers have admitted anything. The crocodile will be donated to the Giza zoo in Cairo.

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