We Almost Lost Our Green Grand Mufti?

Trying to “talk to God” a passenger tried to open plane’s emergency door mid-flight. The Grand Mufti of Egypt is considered “very green” according to our analyst Moshe Terdiman. But a mishap aboard a flight to Cairo last week could have cost him his life. Our friend Jon Jenson at the Global Post picked up […]

Dubai Airport Flash Mob Dance Will Make You Smile!

If you thought that Emiratis lacked a sense of humor, you obviously haven’t seen this! This isn’t necessarily green news, but it does have potential for sparking green activism projects: At the end of October 55 people posing as airport personnel and other normal citizens broke out in a well-rehearsed dance at the Dubai International […]


Biofuel Project for Qatar Airways and Airbus

Will Qatar’s air buses be biofueled? The Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar, together with Qatar Airways, Qatar Science and Technology Park and Petroleum Company have started a new biofuel project to power commercial airliners, including large ones such as Airbus. As noted in a Gulf Times article, along with Qatar’s own air transport and technology concerns, […]


Baby Crocodile Boards EgyptAir Flight

If until now you worried about carbon offsets for your international flights, you may want to add baby crocodiles to the list of concerns. On Friday, a foot-long croc was found scurrying down the aisles of an EgyptAir flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo. The Emirati paper The National reports that EgyptAir has claimed the […]


Looking for Green Innovation at the Paris Air Show

With the aviation industry reeling from increasing fuel costs, dipping profits and those pesky upcoming environmental regulations, airlines are scrambling to become more efficient, cut costs and increase fuel efficiency. Japan Airlines did their part to shed excess weight on their flights by shortening their blankets by a centimeter, and Northwest Airlines did it by […]


Israel's Ben Gurion Airport To Get Green Facelift

Not only are Middle Eastern airlines such as Qatar Airlines and airports getting involved in “greening up their act.” Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, one of the largest in the Middle East region, is now becoming involved in improving its environmental profile. Following the construction of the new Terminal 3 complex, Israel’s Environmental Ministry approved a […]


Public Transportation in the USA

Although there are Israelis who hop between Eilat and Tel Aviv on a plane rather than brave the four-and-a-half hour Egged bus ride, for the most part Israel’s postage stamp size makes the country easy to tackle without taking to the skies. Not so for the USA. I decided last week that I will visit […]