Israeli Soldiers Harlem Shake Their Way Into Prison

Dancing is good for you, but the Harlem Shake is a cringe-worthy global phenomenon that’s spawned a thousand epic fails: the YouTube dance craze’s been done underwater, on commercial air flights over the Grand Canyon, and now, by soldiers in the Israeli Defense Force. “It’s just a sign of the times when you see soldiers dancing and […]


Israeli Army Building Arms Factory Over Rare Wild Plants

Do tanks and wild flowers mix? Not according to Israel’s nature protection society. Israel Military Industries (IMI), which for years has had armament factories located close to dense population areas and as such has polluted area groundwater, is now on its way to exposing its environmental footprint even further. The organization is planning to build […]

Israeli Defense Forces Polluting Groundwater with Impunity

Eighteen months ago, Itzhak Ben-David, the Israeli Environment Ministry’s deputy director for enforcement, visited several Israeli army bases in the West Bank.  What he saw was shocking.  Fuel and oil were leaking unabated into the ground on several sites.  In response, Ben-David asked the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to conduct water quality sampling and monitoring.  […]


Going Green Is A Tactical Offensive In War

The US Army in Afghanistan recognizes that going green solves fuel supply problems for troops. Logistical supply line problems in military forces have been the downfall of armies since organized warfare began. The US Army goes green as a tactical move: Recent attacks against US military and NATO fuel convoys in Afghanistan have resulted in US […]


IDF Says Birds, Not Guns in Northern Reserve

According to Haaretz, the Israeli army has decided to limit its activities in the Hermon Mountain nature preserve in the country’s North to give local animals and flowers a break. We’ve written on these pages about the IDF’s bleak environmental record and its previous attempts to go green.


Israeli Army Tries to Go Green

When thinking about the Israeli army (or any other army, for that matter) becoming more “green” or environmentally conscious, skepticism is unfortunately the first thing that comes to mind.  Military activity is nasty business, leaving detrimental traces on human relationships, governmental spending, and the environment – to name a few. Which is why a recent […]