Tel Aviv Has a Farm, E-I-E-I-O

tel-aviv-farmIf the city folk won’t come to the farm, then the farmers will come to the city. 

Unfortunately, though, many times when the farm comes to the city, it comes in a yuppie, elitist  form such as the slow food farmer’s market in the Tel Aviv port.  Or even the farmer’s market in Jaffa

While the intention – to bring local, organic products to city residents in order to encourage more environmentally conscious eating – is admirable, sometimes the message gets a little lost in translation.

But this time it is not the farmers who have come to Tel Aviv in order to market their goods, it is the actual farm.

This month the Tel Aviv Municipality decided to open the agricultural farm in the Yarkon Park to the public.  The farm is spread over a beautiful 70 dunam green area, and is located in the “Rosh Tsipor” area of the Yarkon Park. 

True to its green form, it can be easily reached via public transportation (such as trains and buses).

The farm offers various types of green experiences for urbanites who need a breath of fresh air:

Urban gardens: Residents of Tel Aviv who would like to grow some of their own produce but just don’t have the room can register to use a 40 square meter plot at the farm. 

Instruction about how to grow vegetables can be provided by the farmers on location.  Registration for these plots will begin soon, so for more information contact [email protected]

petting zoo tel-avivPetting zoo:  Children can experience contact with the animals who are responsible for producing certain types of food – such as goats, chickens, lambs, and even peacocks.  Children who visit the petting zoo will be able to feed the animals themselves.

Center for bird study:  A center for studying birds, in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), will open soon on the farm.

Weekend activities:  Those who don’t have the time to enjoy the farm during the week can still enjoy it on the weekend.  Every Friday from 11:30 until an hour before sunset the farm hosts a market (with organic produce and local products such as wine, oil, honey, spices, and homemade food) as well as activities.  Special activities for children also take place on Saturdays, and are listed in advance on the farm’s website.

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