Harvest Rainwater and Build Wind Turbines At Vertigo Dance Company’s Eco-Workshops

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Awareness of the environment has become a way of life for members of the Eco-Art Village established by the Vertigo Dance Company in the Ella Valley.

Now they are ready to share with others their message of environmentally aware, sustainable living.

“There aren’t places where you can learn how to do these things,” says Adi Sha’al, co-founder (with Noa Wertheim) of Vertigo, “We would like to be a center for teaching and learning – a sort of alternative building center.”

A workshop on harvesting rainwater and reuse of gray water will be offered this Friday, May 15th by Amir Yechieli and Dan Goldenberg at the Village.

Teaming up Yechieli’s expertise on water conservation with Goldenberg, a member of the eco-village who designed their water system reflects Vertigo’s approach to educating the public about sustainable living.

“We believe in practical ecology,” says Adi Sha’al, co-founder (with Noa Wertheim) of Vertigo, “We want people to come out of the workshop with knowledge that you can take home with you and apply. Other communities are already interested in using our water system as a model for their own.”

Israel’s lack of rainwater certainly demands a creative response and participants in the workshop will not only receive theoretical information, but will have the opportunity to see how these methods for conserving and re-using water from showers, laundry and sinks are put in practice in the village.

The cost of participation in this workshop is 150 NIS.

A second workshop, larger in scope, will be conducted June 7 – 12, from 9:00 to 18:00. Noam Dotan will instruct participants in building a wind turbine.

The instruction will be based on Hugh Piggot’s methods (see video below) and will include both the theoretical aspects of designing a generator and the actual building of a turbine over the course of the six day workshop. The participants will decide as a group where to donate the finished product. The cost of this workshop will be 2,000 NIS per participant.

A variety of workshops and other activities take place year-round at the Eco-Arts Village. Oh yes, and they dance too.

For more information on workshops and other Vertigo activities:
Phone: 972-2-990-0235

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