Adi Zaffran Weisler Makes Upcycled Bullet Jewelry, Not War

"used bullet ring"Used copper bullets found at a firing range transform into sculptural objects incorporated into rings.

Bullets are, objectively, ugly things.  They have an ugly purpose, and are not much to look at, either.  But what would happen if you removed a bullet from its violent context?  Could it be beautiful?  Israeli designer Adi Zaffran Weisler (the same designer that created the wooden branch and rubber stool) seems to think so, and has created a line of rings in which used bullet cases (found at a firing range) serve as the sculptural centerpiece.

While not the first designer we’ve seen use upcycled materials to create jewelry, he’s definitely the first one we’ve seen use bullets.

"bullet ring jewelry"In telling the story of how this jewelry line came about, Weisler writes that

“For this work, I collected spent bullets at a firing range and made jewelry out of them.  The rings that were created remove the bullet from its original function and they surprisingly turn into a bejeweled object and emphasize the beauty and aesthetics of the bullet when it is distanced from its surroundings.  Every bullet retains memories and traces of the journey it underwent from the moment it was fired until it was picked up.”

"spent bullet ring"The bullet rings are an experiment in transforming our visual associations with an object, as well as a lesson in recycling.  How can we change the context of other discarded or grotesque objects in order to view them as beautiful?

Since each spent bullet is different, every bullet ring is one of a kind.  The ring bands are all made from sterling silver, and the spent bullets are copper alloys.

See more bullet rings on Weisler’s website or purchase them from his Etsy shop.

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  1. Nice idea but I think this ring has the potential to rip off a nostril, earlobe or catch on a lip.

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