Thirteen Part Television Series on Geography and the Environment Broadcast in Israel

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A new television series, “Sovev Israel” (translated as both Around Israel and Israel Environment), was launched on March 22, 2009 in Israel.

The series was produced by Israel Educational Television in cooperation with the Geography Instruction Inspectorate in the Ministry of Education and with the assistance of numerous organizations, including the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Nature and Parks Authority, the Jewish National Fund, the Israel Electric Corporation, the Center for Educational Technology, the Israel Geographical Society, the Council for a Beautiful Israel and the Geological Museum in Ramat Hasharon.

The series is based on a quiz show on geography and environment in Israel with the participation of 27 students and their classes, hailing from every section of Israel and every sector of Israeli society. The series integrates humorous segments and spectacular video clips featuring different parts of Israel, which were produced in a specially designed studio.

The television series follows up on a quiz on Geography and the Environment in Israel which was initiated in the autumn of 2008 for the purpose of familiarizing junior high school students with Israel’s human and physical landscapes and with central environmental and social issues and dilemmas on Israel’s agenda. The television series will follow the representatives of 27 schools as they vie for first place in the quiz.

The program will be aired every Sunday afternoon on Educational Television on Channels 1 and 2. Main subjects in the quiz:

  • Environmental quality in Israel
  • Energy sources and energy production processes
  • Israel’s water resources and their use
  • Land and open space
  • Population in Israel
  • City and environment
  • Rural settlements
  • Transportation and communication
  • Israel’s landscapes and their formation
  • Places and sites in Israel
  • 100 years to Tel Aviv

Green Prophet is proud to know the hostess of this new series. Stay tuned. We’d love to see it air in English, and online. 

::Ministry of Environment

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